Since the late 1950s, siding has been an affordable way to add color and character to the American home. Today, many homeowners are getting creative by mixing different types of siding to give their home an even more distinctive look.

In a recent article for HGTV, architect Amy Alper noted that, “From an architectural point of view, there’s an interest now in using a variety of materials to highlight special features on a home. For example, using stone or Western red cedar to highlight an entry.”

So, what are some of the materials you can mix and match to make your home more beautiful? We’ve highlighted a few below, but you can read the entire HGTV article here for more details.

  1. Vinyl—This is the most popular choice in America because of its low cost and affordability. If you’re handy, it’s also fairly easy to install as a DIY project.
  2. Wood—The rich look of wood makes this a great option for adding an upscale look to any exterior.
  3. Brick—Because of its superior durability, brick siding can last the life of your home when properly installed and maintained.
  4. Fiber-Cement—This low-maintenance, termite resistant siding gives homeowners the look of stucco or wood but at a more affordable price.
  5. Stucco—Widely used on Spanish-style homes, this siding can add a distinctive Mediterranean flair to your home.
  6. Stone/Stone-Veneer—This siding is a beautiful way to add major curb appeal to your home, but it can be the priciest of the siding options so shop around to find a good deal.